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 What started as a hobby in a closet, winter of 2014, has now transformed into 300 sqft of amazing seed grown plants and desirable clones from the best breeders around the world!  

 COCAC has collected seeds from Rodni, Gus freeman, Richard hipp, Michelle Killen and Chavin herbalist among other private collectors. After several seasons COCAC was able to begin to cross pollinate a small handful of various plants grown out from those breeders, creating new flowering hybrids and adding genetic diversity to the hobby.

 Because COCAC grows a large majority of the cacti it produces from seed via breeders around the globe and its own in house , hand pollinated cacti, the customer gets to enjoy the benefits of genetic diversity translating to a broad potential of flower colors, pedal shapes and textures, as well as variations in the cacti's body, spine formation, length and color. 

 All the cacti cocac produces are grown hydroponically allowing the plant a consistent and immediately available nutrient source in order to promote healthy vigorous growth during the growing season increasing potential for blooms each season. customers are let in on this detail to encourage them on there cacti growing experience..

thank you for reading.

Happy Cactusing!

   - Ahulx

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