What started as a hobby in a closet, winter of 2014, has now transformed into 3000 sqft of amazing seed grown plants and desirable clones from breeders around the world!  

I am thankful to be able to share my passion of growing, grafting, and propagating these awesome plants. I have informational videos on all social media platforms, especially Youtube. 

I have collected seedlings and cuttings from many respectable names, my peers, within the industry. After a few years i started to cross pollinate thier flowers, creating these awesome flowering hybrid seeds. A few years later, these new crosses started producing extravagant flowers unlike anything ive seen. These crosses are still fairly new, making thier flowers somewhat "unpredicable".

When starting out, our main focus was selling at farmers markets. We've been attending the South Pearl Street Farmers Market every sunday for the past 8 years. 

Our goal is too spread knowledge, encourage growing techniques, and enjoy cactusing!

The Future for Cocac is looking great. We recently moved into a 3000 sqft green house and we plan to mass produce alot of our more popular hybrids. We hope to expand into nurseries around the state of colorado by 2024.

Thank you for your support, we couldnt do this without you!

Happy Cactusing!

   -   Aluhx

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