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                                             NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!



 at checkout when you select "7-10 day shipping" that is a guarantee from UPS & or USPS that from the date of  UPS & or USPS  receiving it, it will be delivered in 7  to 10 days, not 7 to 10 days from when i receive your order.


I do not answer emails, calls or texts asking about shipping times! 


  Cuttings are typically cut to order, I only ship on Mondays,


you will receive tracking information


as soon as your plant/plants have been


packaged, weighed and a label has been printed, if I have


not sent you a tracking number its because one does not


exist yet.

  all my methods and nutrient ratios in the F.A.Q. refer to it if you have questions about how to grow your plant.



                                                   I HAVE ALL THE BUGS!

 It should be general practice to quarantine all plants you receive from any seller, local nursery and online vendor alike for at least a week before introducing them to your full collection, so you can identify any potential threats and treat with your preferred method. 

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