What started as a shelf in a closet in the winter of 2014 has now transformed into 300 sqft of amazing seed grown plants and desirable clones from around the US and the world!  

 I am happy to be able to offer plants from my collection up to growers new and experienced and share the passion of growing, grafting and propagating these awesome plants.     

 Special thanks to the Trichocereus Community on Facebook for really expanding my abilities as a grower, by being able to ask questions and see experiences from the many, many skilled growers around the world.

Friends of COCAC:


Allow anywhere from 2-3 weeks for shipping, plants with roots are washed and dried before being packaged, cuttings are cut to order, I only ship on Mondays, you will receive tracking information as soon as your plant/plants have been packaged weighed and a label has been printed.

Predator bugs are used as my main pesticide, some bugs still make it through. 
 It should be general practice to quarantine all plants you receive from any seller, local nursery and online vendor alike for at least a week before introducing them to your full collection, so you can identify any potential threats a treat with your preferred method.